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As Asheville wedding planners, we believe in bold design & big love. Haley & Dave (check out their wedding recap here!) came to us with a bold task, incorporate the classic, art deco, elegance of the Grove Park Inn with the couple’s love for things that were non-traditional, industrial and modern. This was going to be fun!

Haley picked a gorgeous dress that really gave us the inspiration for the yin and yang of her design. She wore a modern silhouette with an art deco inspired print (how very Grove Park). For us the Grove Park gave us everything we needed in terms of classic elegance, we just needed to focus on bringing modern details into the space, and it was such a breath of fresh air when the final design was completed. 

The color palette we were working with was green, gray, and white. Very clean and minimalist.  Things to note :: Their modern logo was consistent in all elements from the invitation, to the weekender, to the escort display.  Also a fun thing to note?  Notice that little gear in his boutonnière… a nod to his love of gears and bikes!

When you have a minimalist color palette it is nice to incorporate a lot of texture to allow for contrast and depth, Haley loved succulents and thistle so her flowers were really lush and dynamic.

asheville wedding plannersasheville wedding plannersWe didn’t want to overwhelm the Grove Park with anything too bulky so our goal was to bring in details that spoke to the modern/industrial feel we were going for.  Wood, steel and acrylic were are great way of doing that. This is definitely the first time as Asheville wedding planners that we have ever done an acrylic Chuppah – it was a real stunner, created by our sweet friend, Beth from Studio Flora Diva!  Love how the clear stands at the start of the aisle really tied it together!

asheville wedding planners

Our production team was hard at work this wedding! We built custom wooden tables for the reception. The beautiful acrylic and wooden escort sign was also built and designed by our team.

One of our favorite projects for this wedding was changing the lighting in Skyline room to make it feel less like a ballroom and more like a modern intimate space, usually the ballroom has art deco sconces which are switched on.  Mounted on the wooden columns, this just felt a little too warm and traditional for this wedding, so we lit all the tables with pin spot lighting. 

The effect was pretty magical, it really made everything glow and brought focus to the gorgeous tables and the beautiful modern centerpieces Studio Flora Diva designed.asheville wedding planners

Another fun detail were the welcome “bags” – we’re always looking for new, fun, interesting ways to deliver goodies to your guests rooms and these acrylic boxes really made a statement! 

One of the things we pride ourselves in as Asheville wedding planners is that we aren’t a “plug and play” company. When a client comes to us for design, we really love to use our expertise and experience to create something totally unique.  When we are given an opportunity to think outside the box.. that’s were we really shine! 

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