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If you remember, last week we covered lighting. This week we’re going to take a look at it’s close cousin, draping. Draping and lighting go hand-in-hand because if you’re draping a space for your wedding then you’re probably also lighting, and much like lighting, draping can also completely transform a room.

The concept of draping is pretty straightforward; you use swaths of material that can be hung from almost anything to create a desired effect. Most commonly draping is used to “hide” things like tent poles, columns, walls or windows. But! It can also be used in the opposite way and highlight structural elements in your space.

Asheville-wedding-plannerImage credit: Colin Cowie Weddings / Vic Bonvicini Photography / John and Joseph Photography

Maybe you have booked a wedding venue because you love the room, and in that case you probably aren’t going to want to use much draping, if at all, you want to let the room be. Or conversely, maybe you want to create your own vision and space. Raw spaces are often cheaper to book, and if you want to create something unique and specific for your wedding day, draping is the way to go.


Image credit:  Colin Cowie Weddings / Lewis Miller Design / HMR Designs

Downie Zahoryin Wedding

Image credit: Mindy Weiss / Mindy Weiss / Priscilla Valentina Photography

And you don’t have to just drape in white! Draping in color can provide a super dramatic effect.


Image credit: Colin Cowie Weddings

Next up! Lounges – who doesn’t love a gorgeous lounge?

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