keep calm.

it’s that time of year.  the time when lots of couples just got engaged, and the wedding planning has started.  such an amazing + fun time in your life!!  but, as we all know, wedding planning can be stressful.  tons of opinions from everyone, wedding blogs that overwhelm you at the site of them, and then there is pinterest.  get ready to not do anything else for the rest of the day …you get sucked in! so many options, and 1 wedding to incorporate all your top picks.

{enter} a wedding planner.  sometimes we coordinate the day.  sometimes we help with vendors.  sometimes we design the wedding {read: we do not do flowers! we leave that to the pros!}  sometimes we help with everything.  what we help with is all up to you.  some people think when they hire a planner that the planner is going to take over.  and that’s not really the case with us.  we lead you in producing your event …we make recommendations and bring you the options we feel are best based on what you are looking for.  we simplify the process and make it a little bit easier for you so you can enjoy the journey.  go ahead … sit back. relax. celebrate.  it’s your day.  enjoy it + enjoy the planning process!


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