Life as an Asheville Wedding Planner :: Working With Brittany


A few weekends ago I got to work with Brittany, one of Verge’s wedding planners, on a wedding at Lake Lure, North Carolina.

If I could describe Brittany in one word it would be sweetheart.  Brittany has a certain style to the way that she works.  She gets the job done in an efficient and successful manner, but she has a smile on her face the entire time while doing it.  One of my favorite moments while working with Brittany was a guest at the wedding came up to her and first congratulated her on the wedding, and then told her that she has a sense of confidence to her.  That when you look at her while she is working you immediately know that everything is going to be okay and all will be taken care of.  However, not only is Brittany a sweetheart she can silence a room in about two seconds.  When I attended the rehearsal with Brittany some of the groomsmen were a little rowdy.  Brittany knew how to make a bunch of men be quiet, listen to her, and follow directions while she was still being her sweet self.

Some tips that I learnt from Brittany:

1) Hide sparklers! Make sure you hide the sparklers until the time that they need to be used.  Otherwise, if a guest finds them before hand they will mostly likely get lit.

2) When it comes to the garter toss makes sure the bride switches back to her heels! This way she will have pretty shoes on for the pictures!

3) Glitter! Glitter gets everywhere! Beware!

~ Abby

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