loving these moments.


today was the first day i have worked from home in…well, i cannot tell you when.  life has been full of wonderful moments.  lots of fantastic weddings, including me being a bridesmaid in my best friend from middle school’s wedding {more on that later}, an amazing conference in the cayman islands {ahem, can we go back please?}…with life’s sweetest moments at home all the while.  it was wonderful just being home today.  and seeing our dog {you can call her chelsea.  but she probably still will not come} all curled up and ready for turkey day.  i’m sorry, but she is pretty dang cute if i do say so myself.

so although it has been awhile for our little blog here…know that we cannot wait to share new posts and weddings with you, along with what has been going on in life in general.  and i often {okay, always} feel guilty for not blogging.   but the truth is, life’s moments are happening all around me, and i am loving every. last. minute.  i have walked away from this last conference, engage!11, incredibly inspired, busting with ideas {jennifer, maria, brittany, and ian ~ i apologize in advance}, and sometimes you just need to let all of it soak in. and enjoy the moments around you.

wishing you and your family a very, very happy thanksgiving!  xoxo, nicole

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