The Do’s And Don’ts After One Week Of Interning For Verge Events

After one full week of interning for Verge Events and working at my first wedding, I have learnt some things that I would have never known until after submerging myself into industry.  So here goes! The Do’s and Don’ts that I have learnt after one week of Interning for Verge Events.


1) Do check with the bride-to-be about the type of stamps that she wants on her invitations.  Any old stamp won’t work and it has to fit perfectly with the theme of her wedding.  Very important!

2) The Verge Events team comes with a kit that has everything and anything in it.  They are prepared for anything to happen on your wedding.  For example, the flower girls started to cry during the wedding I last worked at.  So I pulled out a band-aid from the kit and gave it to the girls, which immediately cheered them up.  Little kids love band aids!

3) Drink lots of water on the day of the wedding.  After all that running around you do get very parched!

4) Verge Events goes above and beyond and provides the bride with a little gift basket to help the bride get through her day.

5) Details details details! When setting up for the wedding everything must look perfect.  From being perfectly straight to perfectly even everything must be perfect!



1) Don’t loose your poker face! If something doesn’t go to plan the Verge team is very good at fixing it quickly with out anyone knowing.  It’s actually very impressive!

2) Don’t wear any color on the day of the wedding.  The planners are there to help and not steal the show.  Everyone looks professional and ready to do their job!

3) Don’t wear uncomfortable shoes.  The comfier the shoes the better!

4)Don’t get stressed.  Have fun! At the end of the night I realized that I actually had so much fun.  It is a lot of work but everyone is so great and fun to work with.  To see the guest having so much fun makes it all worth it.

5) Lastly bring a pair of back-up pants to the day of the wedding.  Because you never know when they might rip them.  Yes it happened to me!

So there you have it my Do’s and Don’t that I have learnt after my first day of working for Verge Events!

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