{wedding cake history}


the wedding cake is a signature piece to the reception. it is a wedding tradition dating back to the Roman era and has been a tradition for 1000’s of years. the story is that it started as a symbol of fertility. the idea of the husband breaking the cake over the wife’s head in hopes she would bring him many children. this was his way of showing he was ready to start a family. romantic or rude? i am all about doing many things, but cake crumbled on my head , i’m not so sure! it was also believed to be good luck for the guests to eat the crumbs. many years later, wedding cake began to be served in layers and yummy frosting. today it’s not just about the cake, but how it’s presented with lighting, special linens, fresh flowers, and even personal toppers.

photograph compliments of corey mcnabb photography, cake by city bakery.

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