Weddings in Asheville, NC :: Emergency Kit Advice

When planning weddings in Asheville, NC (or anywhere else, for that matter…Nicole just returned from a planning trip in London! We can’t wait to tell you a bit about that!), you have to prepare for those “oh sh*t!” moments. With decades of combined wedding planning experience under their belts, the girls from Verge wanted to share their absolute must haves for any wedding day emergency kit.


A quick online search turns up a million different options for creating a wedding emergency kit, and they are all different! So I asked the fabulous planners at Verge to share their absolute must haves for wedding day emergencies.

Stephanie :: Scissors, double sided tape, needle and thread

Sarah :: Sewing kit – cannot count how many times I’ve sewed a bustle up or a button back on a shirt. Gum – we get a lot of requests from grooms for gum before they go down the aisle, we make sure they spit it out before we send them though! And a steamer!

 Nicole :: Safety pins, extra boutonnière pins, and advil or pepto!
So there you go…just a few simple items to make sure that you have on hand on your wedding day in order to ensure that those “oh sh*t!” moments have a quick fix!




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