why we love what we do. period.

what better thank you can we get?  as i was pinning the boutonniere on the father of the bride, the mother of the bride virginia, just looked at me and her eyes welled up with tears.  i gave her a hug, and the fabulous jill schwarzkopf captured this moment.  thank you for this jill.  makes my heart warm!


when i opened the mail today, i had a letter from virginia.  thought i would share parts of it…

” wow! what a wedding, huh? thank you so much for all you did to provide julie with a truly magical day.  it was perfect! i could never have done any of it without your help. you are fantastic.  along with your professional knowledge, skill and guidance, your moral support and friendship were invaluable….”

i do not write this for any ego boost, but as planners, sometimes it is hard to describe what all we do leading up to and during the big day.  we have a passion for what we do.  and we hope that it shows.  we want the day to be the most perfect day ever for you and your family.  there are many, many weddings i cry at [yes, i was also crying in this picture].  why? don’t i get used to all the emotion?  well, no.  each bride is so different, and we value that connection we have with our clients.

so jill, thank you for capturing this moment.  and virginia, i am looking forward to seeing you again and sharing that glass of wine!  my best to you and your family always.  thank you for allowing me to be a part of such an incredible day.

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  • Jill - I love working with you Nicole. I always know the event will go smoothly and clients will be grateful for your amazing talents.

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