Asheville Wedding Planners :: 2016 Recap

2016 was an amazing year for us in so many ways. As Asheville wedding planners, we have the opportunity to connect with so many amazing couples and their wonderful families…and we have been given the opportunity to be involved in the design of so many beautiful weddings. It is truly a privilege, and we cannot wait to see what happens in 2017!

So much of what we share on this blog is focused around what we do as Asheville wedding planners (not that that is a bad thing… it’s awesome to have so many amazing weddings to share with you all!), but while reflecting on this past year, we realized that we had the opportunity to be involved in so many wonderful things that weren’t necessarily specifically related to weddings.

Nicole, our Creative Director, shared her top 5 moments from 2016 on the StudioWed Asheville blog. We have so many exciting things to share with you all over the next few days, but we wanted to start the year off by¬†reflecting on some of the warm and fuzzies from last year. So check out Nicole’s 2016 recap here, and stay tuned… we have a lot of goodness¬†to share soon!



{image by Cameron Kelly}

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