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Southerners are SERIOUS about their pimento cheese, and it’s one of the biggest, and one of our favorite new food trends to hit the scene. No, don’t go running from the room screaming, I’m not talking about that weird yellow stuff in the supermarket with the orange flakes in it (though I wouldn’t say no to even that under the right circumstances, I just love it so much!!).  I’m talking about real, cheezie, just the right amount of spice and mayonnazie, Pimento–with-a-capital-P  cheese.


In Asheville we have the Granddaddy of this spreadable cheese over at Colorful Palate. Their True South line of pimento cheeses is to D-I-E for.  You’ll hear squeals of delight from the planning crew whenever it’s offered at one of our events (hey someone has to elect themselves to be the taste tester).  As I said earlier, this is not your supermarket variety of nuclear cheese, this is pimento cheese taken to a totally different level: the lick your fingers, go weak in the knees level.


Even if you’re not from the south, if you’re choosing to get married down here it’s for a reason – maybe it’s just for our stunning views and grand estates. Out of town Brides often bring pieces of home with them to incorporate into their design and tell the story of the place they hold near and dear to their heart.  But sometimes it’s nice to also anchor the event in the culture and traditions of the region.


This pimento cheese is fancy without being stuffy, and fun without being juvenile. Offering it at a rehearsal dinner or as part of a cocktail hour would be a great, unexpected way to bring a hint of the south to your wedding and is pretty much guaranteed to convert some skeptics into fanatics. Our personal favorites are the El Diablo and the Pecan pimento cheeses, but we wouldn’t turn our noses up to any of them. It’s a great departure from the tired French onion dips and hummus platters and has just the right amount of southern ‘kick-up-you-heals’ attitude.


True South pimento cheese - now that is a "spread" if we

True South pimento cheese – now that is a “spread” if we’ve ever seen one!

Verge recently included the True South’s pimento cheese at an event as an item on a bourbon bar, it was a huge hit – we knew it would be a great pairing.


Who doesn

Who doesn’t love pimento cheese and bourbon!?

P.S. I’m so excited!! And not just about pimento cheese! There are going to be some changes hitting this space in the coming months. We’re upping the ante; you guys are going to be hearing from us A LOT more! In addition to covering our real weddings we’re also going to be bringing you a slew of other fun posts, on the regular. And this pimento cheese post is just a taste of what’s to come (come on, you didn’t think we could go all this way without at least one pun, did you?).


– xoxo Sarah

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