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2020 was a wild year. Most of the wedding planning in Asheville last year revolved around Covid restrictions, restructuring, and rescheduling. It has been a lesson in flexibility, and it makes us long for the days when the biggest worry related to wedding planning in Asheville was the weather 😉 So let’s travel back to 2019, and enjoy Kara and Dayne’s gorgeous (Covid-free!!) wedding 😉

Kara and Dayne are locals, which is a rare treat for us. The majority of our couples are planning destination weddings in Asheville, so it was super fun to work with someone local who was getting married on family property. The wedding was at the parents private estate. They own a retreat center set on acres and acres of gorgeous land surrounded by the parkway. There are multiple houses on the property, and everyone was able to stay onsite and really enjoy the weekend together. Oh. And there’s a waterfall. On the property. And it’s gorgeous.

The guys got ready in one of the houses…

While the girls spread out in another. It was a fantastic setup.

Love these little details.

Deep breaths. It’s almost time.

Bridesmaids play many roles. Sometimes they serve as human screens…hiding you from your groom before your ceremony 😉

fave thing #1- Everyone was barefoot for the ceremony. Enough said.

And it begins. 

(look at those toes!!)

this is real. and it’s so very beautiful.

good-lookin’ group 😉

Kara and Dayne built this arbor themselves.  They added to it for their unity ceremony during the ceremony, and they will have this at their house for years to come. We love this idea, and we think that Kara and Dayne executed it beautifully.

Congratulations Kara and Dayne!!

fun fact: We also did the brother’s wedding!  It was so good seeing them again!

Such a good looking group. 

Fun selfie with the bride and groom! One of our favorite traditions 🙂

When you are getting married on a property this gorgeous, you plan for a little extra time to explore and take portraits! We made sure to leave a bit of extra time in their schedule for this, and we are so glad that we did. Just look at these gorgeous humans…and this amazing location!

(told you there was a waterfall. insane!)

this is magical.

Portrait time over…and it’s time for Kara and Dayne to rejoin their party!

This first dance was epic. Kara and Dayne were gorgeous, and the dance floor looked fantastic.

Fave thing #2= this dog! Everything about this moment was absolutely precious.  Like we said… epic first dance. 

We love families who love each other. The emotion on the dance floor was palpable.

Dinner is served. Love this seating chart! We love a dramatic cake cutting!

not too shabby 😉

Let the dance party ensue!


fave thing #3 – Kara’s dream was to dance under the stars! The rain threatened us all day, but at the ends of the night, the sky cleared and the stars came out. The Royal Suits put on a fantastic show, and the outdoor dance floor rocked all night!

Love these girls so much! It was lovely planning an Asheville wedding for them!

Magical end to a magical day.

And just for fun, we wanted to share a few of our favorite design details. Kara and Dayne did a lot of the details themselves…and they nailed.

They planted these succulents for each guests as a favor.

We love love love these lights.

We have some rental items available for our weddings. Kara and Dayne rented these chalkboards from us and did all the lettering themselves!

Bold and unique floral. We love all of the textures and the rich color.

They had set up an area on the property that was a photo booth station. There were pictures of them throughout their relationship. And maybe a little bit of moonshine 😉

It was such a fantastic day. We couldn’t have done it without the amazing team of professionals that helped make wedding magic happen. As always, thanks to our team. You guys rock!

Verge Events – Wedding Planning in Asheville

Two Ring Studios – Wedding Photography

Absolutely Yummy Catering – Caterer

Rays Florist – Florist

Cabalette Strings – Ceremony Musicians

East Coast Entertainment – Reception Musicians

Garret House – Baker




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