We love being an Asheville wedding planner… but do you know what else we love? Design. Design is inspiring, and we love being able to incorporate that piece of an event when we are planning it. We really love creating and executing a couples vision from their wedding. If you haven’t yet seen Anna Maria & Kelly’s wedding story blog post, go back and check it out… when you get back, we will talk about some of the details that made their day so fantastic 😉

Anna Marie and Kelly wanted to take their guests on a journey on their wedding day. They wanted each room/event at their wedding have a distinct and different feel.

The ceremony was to be all white, magical like a winter forest.
The cocktail hour should feel like an elegant cocktail hour in a decadent estate (not hard to do at the Grand Bohemian).
The reception should feel like a fancy masquerade ball.
While the guests were at reception, the ceremony space became a classic cigar lounge.
And what New Years Eve wedding is complete without a balloon drop?!?
Our favorite elements? A custom coat check with vintage decks of cards, the variety of all the masks for guests to enjoy and of course, the custom ice cream made just for the groom, the little animal structures tucked in by Flora, and the ice wall at the desserts!
Let’s start with that all white magical forest [one of Sarah’s favorite element!]…  Our design team custom made this lace aisle runner, which paired beautifully with the details from Flora!
The cocktail space was lush and decadent.  With family pictures tucked onto side tables, which really warmed up the space.
Gorgeous linens + elegant floral + beautiful ballroom = perfection. And when the lights went down, the custom lighting was a fantastic way to change up the room!
Above? We greeted all guests as they entered the hotel to really set the tone!
We love customizing a food display for a wedding, Kelly and Anne Marie had their salad bar displayed in champagne cases, it was so elegant and went perfectly with the surroundings!
This spread of sweets is completely delectable! Also this sign… Candy is Dandy, but Liquor is Quicker.  Heard!


We loved having a chill space like this cigar bar for people to retreat to towards the end of the night!
A balloon drop was the perfect finale to a crazy and amazing New Year’s Eve wedding 🙂  One of our favorite departures… we had the band lead the guests down the elevator and into the outside for balloons and a confetti drop!
We are so thrilled with the way that Anna Maria’s vision came to life for her wedding. Thanks to the amazing people behind the scenes who helped make this wedding the magical day that it was. We couldn’t have done it without you!
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Sarah here! Being an Asheville wedding planner means that I get to meet amazing new people all of the time. From the first moment I met Anna Marie, I knew we were going to be great friends. She’s a firecracker (and I mean that in the most awesome way), and she has a fierce sense of style and a taste for the dramatic. Wrap all of that up into a New Year’s Eve wedding, and you can not go wrong! I also loved Kelly the first moment I met him, he is an earnest straight shooter with a sincere heart and a wonderful sense of humor. Anna Marie had a beautiful vision for her wedding, and we can’t wait to share her details with you in our next blog post… but first, let’s celebrate their amazing love story!

Always love the nervous energy that exists during the getting ready part of the day.


first looks for the win 😉



This room was magical.

The Grand Bohemian is an amazing venue. There is so much character there, and it is always fun to explore all of the different aspects of that space!

asheville-wedding-plannerKelly owns a sweet potato farm, and the year they got married was going to be the 75th anniversary of the farm, so Anna Marie had our local fabulous ice cream store The Hop create a custom ice cream flavor in celebration. And Kelly’s favorite thing EVER is ice cream, so it was a match made in heaven, that ice cream was to die for!

New Years Eve weddings are some of our favorites, they are so festive and celebratory, and they are the perfect opportunity to do something fun and different.


Ending the night with a balloon drop was a fun idea! 🙂

You wouldn’t know it from the images we just shared…but there were some crazy behind the scenes stuff going on during this wedding. As an Asheville wedding planner, I know that something unexpected always happens, sometimes it’s a BIG unexpected, sometimes it’s a baby unexpected. And if you have a fantastic team working for you most of the time, 99% of the time, you won’t even know. This was one of those times when mother nature decided to remind us all who was boss and throw us a big ol’ curve ball on the day of the wedding. A unexpected ice storm totally blindsided Asheville on New Years Eve. At about 3PM (right when we were getting ready to take first look pictures), Biltmore Village suddenly transformed into an ice rink. That’s putting it mildly, it was like bumper cars out there. Cars were going in ditches left and right, the city shut down the interstate – SHUT. IT. DOWN. Fortunately almost all of the wedding guests were staying at the Grand Bohemian and the Double Tree across the street so they just had to penguin their way over.
UNFORTUNATELY, the groom and the family were in a beautiful home about 4 miles away. So we got on the phone, told them to pack up and get in their cars and head our way immediately, it took them 3 hours to go 4 miles! But we caught it early enough, so we gave the guests drinks when they showed up to the ceremony, and Anna Marie went down the aisle just a half hour later than she was supposed to. Anna Marie and Kelly were such troopers about the whole thing, they just wanted to get married and have a good time – and we got them both!
With all of the weather madness, portrait time was limited, to say the least 😉 We love these images that Almond Leaf Studios captured of this gorgeous couple after their wedding!
Thanks to these amazing vendors who help make this event magical!
Next up on the blog: more of the amazing details from Anne Marie & Kelly’s wedding. Can’t wait for you to see!
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As Asheville wedding planners, most of our job is done after the reception is over. There are a few things here and there, but the majority of our work is over. And then the fun starts. The posts on social media and the professional images and videos… we get to see documentation of people enjoying an event that we had a hand in making happen. And that is ALWAYS a really good feeling.


We love this video that Inkspot Crow Films shared with us from Ryan & Kelly’s wedding at Olivette. It’s always lovely to revisit a good day!

Ryan & Kelly : Asheville Wedding Film from Inkspot Crow Films on Vimeo.

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As Asheville wedding planners, we believe in bold design & big love. Haley & Dave (check out their wedding recap here!) came to us with a bold task, incorporate the classic, art deco, elegance of the Grove Park Inn with the couple’s love for things that were non-traditional, industrial and modern. This was going to be fun!

Haley picked a gorgeous dress that really gave us the inspiration for the yin and yang of her design. She wore a modern silhouette with an art deco inspired print (how very Grove Park). For us the Grove Park gave us everything we needed in terms of classic elegance, we just needed to focus on bringing modern details into the space, and it was such a breath of fresh air when the final design was completed. 

The color palette we were working with was green, gray, and white. Very clean and minimalist.  Things to note :: Their modern logo was consistent in all elements from the invitation, to the weekender, to the escort display.  Also a fun thing to note?  Notice that little gear in his boutonnière… a nod to his love of gears and bikes!

When you have a minimalist color palette it is nice to incorporate a lot of texture to allow for contrast and depth, Haley loved succulents and thistle so her flowers were really lush and dynamic.

asheville wedding plannersasheville wedding plannersWe didn’t want to overwhelm the Grove Park with anything too bulky so our goal was to bring in details that spoke to the modern/industrial feel we were going for.  Wood, steel and acrylic were are great way of doing that. This is definitely the first time as Asheville wedding planners that we have ever done an acrylic Chuppah – it was a real stunner, created by our sweet friend, Beth from Studio Flora Diva!  Love how the clear stands at the start of the aisle really tied it together!

asheville wedding planners

Our production team was hard at work this wedding! We built custom wooden tables for the reception. The beautiful acrylic and wooden escort sign was also built and designed by our team.

One of our favorite projects for this wedding was changing the lighting in Skyline room to make it feel less like a ballroom and more like a modern intimate space, usually the ballroom has art deco sconces which are switched on.  Mounted on the wooden columns, this just felt a little too warm and traditional for this wedding, so we lit all the tables with pin spot lighting. 

The effect was pretty magical, it really made everything glow and brought focus to the gorgeous tables and the beautiful modern centerpieces Studio Flora Diva designed.asheville wedding planners

Another fun detail were the welcome “bags” – we’re always looking for new, fun, interesting ways to deliver goodies to your guests rooms and these acrylic boxes really made a statement! 

One of the things we pride ourselves in as Asheville wedding planners is that we aren’t a “plug and play” company. When a client comes to us for design, we really love to use our expertise and experience to create something totally unique.  When we are given an opportunity to think outside the box.. that’s were we really shine! 

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It’s written right there on our Asheville wedding planners homepage, and it’s on every business card we give out: “We believe in bold design and big love.”  Haley and Dave came to the right place! 

First up…. Big Love on the wedding day!

Most of the weddings in Asheville we do at Verge Events are for couples who live out of town – I don’t know why, where are all the Asheville peeps getting married!? We’re not complaining…much like Haley and Dave, a lot of couples fall in love with the mountains of North Carolina and want to share them with their friends and family. Haley and Dave were living near Washington D.C and felt that the Grove Park Inn was the perfect place to get away from the city buzz and breathe in the fresh mountain air. These two have a love of board games, dive bars, are super active and love to be on their bikes. The love and joy these two have for each other was so infectious, and we couldn’t ask for a more perfect spring day for an outdoor ceremony on one of our favorite spots at the Mountain View Terrace. 

there is something magical about the getting ready part of the day…

asheville wedding plannersasheville wedding planners

sweetness. just pure sweetness.

asheville wedding planners

can we talk about this dress and these shoes?!

asheville wedding plannersasheville wedding planners

first looks with dad always get us. every time.

asheville wedding planners

who are we kidding… first looks of any type get us every time 😉 we may be veteran Asheville wedding planners, but the emotion of these moments will never get old for us. 

asheville wedding plannersfabulous.

asheville wedding plannersasheville wedding plannersasheville wedding plannersasheville wedding plannerseveryone is ready; first looks have happened; a few portraits have been captured …it’s time to head down the aisle! 

asheville wedding plannersasheville wedding plannersasheville wedding plannersyou just can’t beat this view

asheville wedding plannersasheville wedding planners

the happy new couple! 

asheville wedding plannersasheville wedding planners

asheville wedding planners

and then it’s time to celebrate!

asheville wedding plannersasheville wedding plannersasheville wedding planners

one of the lovely things about a wedding at Grove Park is that there is almost always a sunset view to be found nearby.

asheville wedding planners

such a fantastic party!

asheville wedding plannersasheville wedding planners

Congratulations Haley & Dave! We loved being your Asheville wedding planners! 


asheville wedding planners



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