We have the best job. As Asheville wedding planners, we have the opportunity to participate in so many different celebrations of love. It’s our favorite thing. We are super excited to share Whitney & Jason’s celebration with you.

Whitney & Jason’s wedding is the epitome of DIY done right. Starting with these amazing welcome bags, each of their DIY projects were well thought out and meticulously executed. This attention to detail created a cohesive experience for their wedding guests…starting from the moment they arrived!

love the emotion in these pre-ceremony images. it’s always magical to watch everything come together.

small details = big impact.

Classic floral. Pastel tones. Touches of bling.

The light in this ceremony space is fabulous. If your location features windows, consider the impact of that light on your design.  As Asheville wedding planners, we enjoy utilizing lighting in ways that accent the overall look of the wedding.  The windows at Pack’s Tavern added a dramatic feel to Whitney & Jason’s ceremony. The result was stunning.

Look at these two! They’re absolutely gorgeous!

more perfectly selected details.

The reception design captured the classic themes of the day…and then dialed up the bling! The gold accents throughout the room add the perfect pop of party 😉

Like we said above…as Asheville wedding planners, we love utilizing light to create spaces with impact. We love the drama that these unique accent lights add to the room. (Bonus: your wedding photographer will love you! Accent lighting adds depth to photographs, and photographers love that;) )

this cake. the cake. this cake!


Such a fantastic party!

As always, thanks to the amazing team behind the scenes! We couldn’t have done it without you!

Asheville Wedding Planners – Verge Events

Venue – Century Room at Pack’s Tavern

Photographer – Sunday Grant Photography

Caterer –  Century Room 

Florist – Bloom Room

Musicians – Emerald Empire Band

Baker – 50/Fifty Bakery

Hair Artist – Love, Daisy

Makeup Artist – Blush 

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Being a Highlands wedding planner is always a joy. We love having the opportunity to spend some time in one of the most beautiful parts of our state. We were the Highlands wedding planner for Ian & Liz at Half Mile Farm, and we are so excited to share their beautiful day!

This wedding made us fall in love with Half Mile Farm. It is a property of Old Edwards Inn, and it is truly a slice of heaven! Ian & Liz were super laidback…yet they might be the most organized couple we have ever had. This is a fabulous combination. It’s always lovely to work with people who are flexible…but also have their sh*t together 😉 Our original plan was to have the ceremony outside, but when we did the site visit, we all fell in love with the indoor option. We loved how clean, white and bright the space was, and with an indoor location as their ceremony space, we no longer had to worry about a rain plan or tent! (And y’all. Let’s be honest. When you are a Highlands wedding planner, you always have to worry about rain. So this was a nice reprieve from that threat!)
The beauty of Half Mile Farm is that you have the entire place to yourselves. You can bring everyone together for the weekend, and it is so easy to grab a chair on the porch and chat all night. The experience becomes much more intimate when everyone has the opportunity for organic interaction. Half Mile Farm is the perfect place to relax and enjoy the beauty of the Highlands while surrounded by the people you love.

we love wedding days that begin with laughter 😉

A little sparkle goes a long way 😉

While our bridal party prepared for the day, guests were able to enjoy the amenities on the property. Not a bad way to spend a wedding day 😉

Crunch time begins with the First Look with Dad 🙂 You know we love a father/daughter moment!

That boutonniere!  Those socks! So good 😉

As the girls finish up their final details, the boys found the perfect spot to chill!

Favorite thing #1 – This.

Everyone is ready to go. Time for a few portraits, and then we head down the aisle!

Favorite thing #2 – this gorgeous ceremony location

It’s official!

Everything about this property is fantastic. There’s something lovely around every corner. 

We love this palette. The touches of blue are just perfect.

Favorite thing #3- Laser cut names at the head table. So so fun!

The night was absolutely beautiful. The rain threatened all day, but it held off until the very end. As a result, a beautiful fog rolled in, and for awhile, the world was covered in a romantic haze.

aren’t they just adorable?

Favorite thing #4 – these two partiers. Ian and Liz decided to forgo their departure so that they could dance and enjoy their guests til the very end. We love that. Favorite thing #5 – the dessert. an ice cream bar?! what else can we say 😉 dessert is the way to our hearts!

What an amazing day! Congrats Ian & Liz. You guys are amazing. And I miss you 😉 We can’t execute gorgeous weddings like these without the help of the amazing vendors who put all the pieces together! Shout out to this amazing team!


Verge Events – Highlands wedding planner

Half Mile Farm – Venue

Max Cooper Photography – Photographer

Bloom Room – Florist

Blazin Sounds – DJ

The Spa at OEI – Hair and makeup

Young Transportation – Transportation


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We are so excited to share our Mint Museum wedding design with you! We shared MacKenzie & Zach’s wedding story in our last post, and it was lovely and they were lovely, but oh my goodness, enough about them… let’s talk about this design!! 😉

MacKenzie and Zach are both full of energy, and the space that they chose matched their energy in a way that made this design an absolute blast to visualize and execute. In addition to being an art museum full of life and color, the Mint Museum is also a beautiful blank canvas with clean lines and vast open spaces. In other words, a wedding designers dream! 😉

When we started the design process, Zach and MacKenzie didn’t really have a vision for their wedding aesthetic. As a result, we had the opportunity to really explore the space. This was a Mint Museum wedding, so we knew we wanted something fun and vibrant and different. Most importantly, we wanted to embrace the art.
The ceremony site was a huge empty space. As designers, it can be tempting to throw every fun idea we have ever had into a space, however, for this Mint Museum wedding, we chose to embrace the clean lines of the main space. Above all, we wanted to preserve the simplicity of the room, so we utilized a subtle palette and simple details. As a result, the room became a showcase. The ceremony became art.
Mint museum weddingAnd can we just say… the typography and graphic design for this whole wedding is perfectly on point.

Favorite detail #1: Rather than using clever names for their tables, we used art. Each table had an art print, and the escort cards had images that corresponded. Such a perfect way to kick off the pop art feel of the reception.

Favorite detail #2 – Rather than going with a more traditional guest book, we had a piece of pop art on display, and each guests had the opportunity to add to that design. Super fun 🙂

Favorite detail #3- We had custom stickers made for the elevators. It’s the little things, y’all.

 Graphic design can have a huge impact on the cohesive feel of an event. We love seeing gorgeous typography functioning as pieces of art, all by themselves.

Favorite detail #4: We love the way these neon lights accented this space. It was the perfect pop of color and light on each table. As a result, the room photographed beautifully!

Favorite detail #5: we had custom lamps made to highlight the head table. In addition to adding a pop of color and drama, these fun lights created an obvious focal point for the design.

The magic in this design is in the layers. We started with a blank canvas. We utilized structural pieces and simple linens as our base, and we mixed in pops of color highlighted by intentional lighting. Most importantly, our design was consistent. From the graphic design to the chair selection, each detail was considered.

As always, thanks to the fabulous team of vendors who worked so hard to make this Mint Museum wedding so stunning. We couldn’t have done it without you!

Shoots the World – Photographer

New Creations – Floral

Something Classic – Caterer

Heart Stone Films – Videographer

Mint Museum – Venue

Dean’s Duets & Quartets – Ceremony Musicians

The Fifth Divine – Reception Musicians

Mirror Bomb – Hair Artist

Erin Ashley – Makeup Artist

Charlie Paper – Graphic Designer


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Most of our weddings are in Asheville, NC, but we have had the opportunity to plan gorgeous events across the globe. It’s always lovely to have a change of scenery…even if it’s just to a different part of our state. Mackenzie and Zach hired us to plan their Mint Museum wedding in Charlotte, NC, and we loved bringing our fresh eyes to a new (to us!) space 🙂 We loved this wedding so much that we are splitting it into two posts. Today, we will share their wedding story. Coming soon, we will tell you all about their gorgeous design.
MacKenzie and Zach’s hometown of Charlotte is an energizing city, and these two feed of off that energy. It’s always wonderful to see a couple celebrate their love in a space that represents them so well, and we think that this Mint Museum wedding was a perfect celebration for this fun and extroverted couple.
MacKenzie and her crew spent their morning at The Ivey’s, a lovely boutique hotel not too far from the museum, while Zach’s crew got ready in the couple’s downtown home. Both spaces were perfect for getting cozy with your besties while getting ready.

The Ivey’s Hotel translates so beautifully in photographs. We love all of the texture and detail in this room!

North Carolina bride
this dress is absolute magic. so elegant, yet not stuffy. we are in love with this look.

Finishing touches done. One last drink…
And a deep breath…
We had rain in Charlotte that day. Lots of rain. But the lobby of The Ivey’s Hotel was lovely (and dry!), perfect for a First Look!

We love this bridal party look. Very pop art.
The Mint Museum was such a fun space to work with. We can’t wait to show you all the pretty details 🙂 The logistics of the space itself were interesting, and we had fun working with elevators and giant window screens and escalators. So many moving pieces, and it all came together so beautifully.

mint museum wedding


Congratulations to the new Mr. & Mrs.!

After the ceremony downstairs in the main space, we sent everyone upstairs for the party! Oh my goodness, we cannot wait to show you this gorgeous and FUN design!

MacKenzie and Zach are just so beautiful together!

Everything is a little more glamorous and dramatic at a Mint Museum wedding. Every moment can become a piece of modern art!

The evening wrapped up with a fantastic dance party.

And with the assistance of the amazing Ted, ShutterBooth rockstar and our dear friend, we passed out some rad glow sticks to end the night with a bit of extra flair.

MacKenzie and Zach’s beautiful Mint Museum wedding was one that we are super proud to have been a part of. Thanks so much to our amazing wedding team. We couldn’t have done it without you!

Shoots the World – Photographer

New Creations – Floral

Something Classic – Caterer

Heart Stone Films – Videographer

Mint Museum – Venue

Dean’s Duets & Quartets – Ceremony Musicians

The Fifth Divine – Reception Musicians

Mirror Bomb – Hair Artist

Erin Ashley – Makeup Artist


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As wedding planners in Asheville, NC, we have the opportunity to become familiar with so many venues in this area. Leya and Kris chose Montreat College for their ceremony, and the Grand Bohemian for their reception, and we think those choices made for a day that was perfect for them!

Montreat is such a beautiful place. Located in beautiful Black Mountain, N.C., Montreat is hidden away from the rest of the world. The community there is reminiscent of Mayberry. Small town charm for days!

love this dress shot!

and these classic details…

Sarah is always ready with a reassuring smile…her spirit is so joyful, and it shows.

almost ready…

these moments. so real and so special.

favorite moment #1 Lea’s dad seeing her for the  first time – so many tears! (not us…them! we never cry at weddings 😉 )

Let the ceremony begin!

such well-behaved kiddos 😉

The Chapel of the Prodigal features a beautiful fresco. True fresco is a rare thing because it requires powdered pigment to be dissolved in water, and then continually applied to the surface to absorb into the wet plaster. The artist, Ben Long, is one of the only true fresco artists in the US, and his work is stunning.

After the ceremony, it was off to Biltmore Village for a quick portrait walk before getting the party started.

Favorite moment #2 – These rainy portraits. It rained so much this day, but everyone was in such good spirits.  We love these images of Kris and Leya outside the of the Bohemian! They were so game to brave the wetness, and the resulting images are epic!

aren’t they stunning?

The ballroom at the Bohemian is so lovely. We always love designing in that space!

These two have style for days. Dapper. Glamorous. Elegant.

When the bustle doesn’t bustle…you improvise. That’s what we are here for 😉

Favorite moment #3 – Kris dancing with his aunt. She is a cancer survivor, and she lost her son to cancer. This dance was full of life, and truly beautiful to watch.

Favorite moment #4. This dance party. Killer dance moves with this group – like oh my god those guys can dance, dance moves!

epic ending to an epic day.

We loved having the opportunity to be the wedding planners for Leya and Kris’ Asheville wedding celebration. As always, we couldn’t have done it without an awesome team of vendors working behind the scenes greasing the wheels and making things happen!


Two Ring Studio – Photographer

Two Buds & a Blossom – Florist

Grand Bohemian – Venue + Caterer

Blazin Sounds– Music

City Bakery – Cake

Kimberly Fisher – Hair

Flawless Makeup – Makeup

Verge Events – Asheville wedding planners

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